One Step Forward is a mountain and travel blog that has been inspiring people to discover the beauty of mountains and interesting places in Poland and abroad since 2017. The blog features articles on a variety of topics, including:

  • detailed trail descriptions,
  • travelogues,
  • practical tips and advice,
  • gear reviews and tests of mountain clothing.

The blog has been run by Kamil from the very beginning, but more people are involved in the whole project, so let me use the plural form in this case.

On this page, you will find all the information regarding collaboration. If you believe that our activities and the blog’s topics align with your company’s product/service, then surely we can create something extraordinary together! You can read more about our mountain (and not only!) hikes in the „About Us” (“O nas”) section.

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Although we are present on most social media platforms, our main drivers for building relationships with our audience are our Instagram and Facebook profiles. These are the platforms where we are most active and engaged, although we do not hide our intention to also focus on developing a YouTube channel in the future, as we see significant potential in it.

The number of followers on the aforementioned platforms is constantly growing, and what is important, these are real people, not bots that have recently flooded social media. Confirmation of this is the fact that our Instagram profile has gained 1361 new followers in the last 90 days (from 29th November 2023 to 26th February 2024)!

Additionally, we would like to emphasize that according to the independent platform Hype Auditor, our Audience Quality Score (AQS) is currently at 89% (as of 26th February 2024). AQS is an important indicator, as it is based on several components, including engagement rate, audience quality, and engagement authenticity.

Key Takeaways:

  • We are mainly focused on building relationships with our audience on Instagram and Facebook.
  • We have seen significant growth in our Instagram followers in the last 90 days.
  • Our Audience Quality Score (AQS) is 89%, which indicates a high-quality audience.
Facebook Reach for the Last 90 Days
Instagram Reach for the Last 90 Days
Facebook and Instagram Audience Demographics
Top Cities of Our Audience



Experience and expertise

We have been running a blog and promoting it on social media since 2017. Our passion for mountains, however, dates back over 10 years, to 2011. During this time, we have gained extensive knowledge about mountains, hiking, and outdoor gear. We have also established a strong position in the mountain niche and enjoy great popularity among mountain enthusiasts.

We are passionate about mountains and sharing our knowledge with others. We believe that our experience and expertise make us a valuable resource for anyone interested in mountains, hiking, and outdoor gear.


Reach and impact

Despite our relatively small number of followers on social media, our posts generate a lot of interest. This is evidenced by the Meta Business Suite graphs included above, as well as the fact that the reels we create sometimes go viral (the best one currently has 1,615,894 views, 23,858 likes, 406 comments, and 1,071 saves).

We believe that the high level of engagement our posts generate is a testament to the quality of our content. We are committed to providing our audience with valuable and informative content that they will enjoy reading and sharing.


Authenticity and engagement

Our content is authentic and created with passion, which translates into a high level of audience engagement. We genuinely care about maintaining contact with the community and are always happy to answer questions and comments, whether on social media or in private messages. This is evidenced by the high AQS (89/100) score we received in the Hype Auditor audit.

We believe that authenticity and engagement are essential for building trust and relationships with our audience. We are committed to providing our audience with a valuable and enjoyable experience.



Effective strategies and solutions

We have successfully completed 9 collaborations with outdoor companies, which confirms our experience in creating engaging content for different brands. When working with them, we always strive to adapt the strategy to their individual needs and goals. We also have a wide range of tools and solutions that allow us to effectively promote brands in the mountain environment.

We are proud of our track record of success in collaborating with outdoor companies. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality content that helps them achieve their marketing goals.

Partnership Opportunities

We approach each collaboration individually and professionally. We strive to ensure that the materials created within its framework are valuable for you, as well as for our Readers and Followers! If my activity and blog topics fit your company’s vision, we can definitely create something special!


Sponsored blog posts to promote a product, service, or brand that are also valuable to our Readers. We support all campaigns with promotion on other social media    channels.


A banner on our blog can appear right after the first paragraph of our articles, or on the main page, in the sidebar. Our blog is visited by mountain lovers, who are ideal recipients for many brands.


Product and service tests and reviews. Everything is done in beautiful natural surroundings, with attention to detail. Tests and reviews are published on our blog in the "Tests and Reviews" section.


Organizing a contest to promote the Client's product and speaking at fairs, travel and mountain festivals and schools. We can agree on the topic of the lecture and the presentation method together!


We can help you promote your accommodation. You have two options: you can add it to existing articles as a mention, or we can prepare a single article for you with photos, videos, descriptions, etc.


Promote your product or service with a short video on the following channels: Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. The video can be up to 60-90 s long (depending on the limits of each platform).


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